Aldebaran Robotics is designing the next generation of robots using SolidWorks

Posted on September 15, 2013 – 10:24 am

You may recall that Bruno Maisonnier, founder of Aldebaran Robotics, joined us on stage at SolidWorks World 2012 to talk about his company's NAO robot, and the work they are doing with autism patients and the elderly. I also had a few minutes to sit down with Bruno after the show for a short interview, which you can see here.

Bruno and his team were gracious enough to let us visit Aldebaran's offices to learn more about the work they're doing with the NAO platform, and how they're using SolidWorks CAD, Simulation and Enterprise PDM to speed their development process. You can see the complete video on our new Born To Design website.



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And they work for free I'm guessing.

2009-04-02 15:18:14 by UnemploymentDueToRobots?

First Robot Scientist Makes Gene Discovery
Kate Ravilious
for National Geographic News
April 2, 2009
He can come up with a hypothesis, plan an experiment, reason about the results, and then plan his next steps.
Now ADAM is the first robot—but maybe not the last—to have independently discovered new scientific information, according to scientists who recently b...iven a crash course in biology, including everything that is already known about baker's yeast.
ADAM quickly set to work, formulating and testing 20 different hypotheses. The robot eventually identified the genes that code for enzymes involved in yeast metabolism—a scientific first for a robot.
Using independent experiments, King and his colleagues were able to verify ADAM's results.

France Developing Advanced Humanoid Robot Romeo

2010-12-13 22:28:38 by hoch

France is set to join the select club of countries that have developed advanced adult-size humanoid robots.
Paris-based Aldebaran Robotics, famed for its small humanoid robot Nao, is working with major French research organizations to build a larger and more capable humanoid called Romeo, to be unveiled next March.
Designed to assist elderly and disabled individuals in their daily ac...ill later be offered to hospitals and nursing homes, and after that to individuals as well.
Aldebaran claims that Romeo, weighing in at 40 kilograms, will introduce several innovations, including a four-vertebra backbone, articulated feet, a partially soft torso, a composite leg exoskeleton, and a new kind of actuator that lets the robot control its limbs in a safer way

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